Clients include BBC, CBBC, Not to Scale, UK Gold, 422, Brey Leno, Studio Liddell, HBO, Impossible Pictures, Cosgrove Hall, Seed Animation, The Neighbourhood, Lemsip, First Choice Travel, Lynchpin, Olbas Oil, Firestep, Kilogramme, Perception TV, Realtime UK, Everything Works, Hello Charlie, Air Creative, Scorch, Plazma Design, Flipbook

All animation content in these reels has been done by myself unless otherwise specified, while most modelling, texturing and some effects are by other parties.

Some other little bits and pieces that arent in the current show reel, in no particular order! Just click one to view.

I use a few pieces of key software in day to day use, including 3D Studio Max, Maya, After Effects, Photoshop and a few others to fill the gaps and some relevant plug-ins too.

I either work from my home studio, or freelance on-site in companies with larger pipelines.

I often use other professionals to lend a hand on larger jobs where skills are best placed, and this is something I coordinate and is transparent to you the client. From your initial no obligation enquiry, we can then develop your ideas together into a project that matches your budget.

My home studio is in Todmorden West Yorkshire where I do all my remote work, and also regularly work on site with companies in Manchester. Presently my only contact means is via email- I promise to reply quickly though!