Clients include BBC, CBBC, Not to Scale, UK Gold, 422, Brey Leno, Studio Liddell, HBO, Impossible Pictures, Cosgrove Hall, Seed Animation, The Neighbourhood, Lemsip, First Choice Travel, Lynchpin, Olbas Oil, Firestep, Kilogramme, Perception TV, Realtime UK, Everything Works, Hello Charlie, Air Creative, Scorch, Plazma Design, Flipbook

I've seperated my work into 3 reels for clarity; one for Animation, one for Compositing, and one for Presentation work. They each highlight different skill sets.

All animation content in these reels has been done by myself unless otherwise specified, while most modelling, texturing and some effects are by other parties.

Some other little bits and pieces that arent in the current show reel, in no particular order! Click one to watch..

While it's hard to categorise everything, my work mostly falls into a few key areas - Kids TV serial work (Roary the Race Car, Fifi and the Flower Tots, Cloud Babies), television and web advertising (30 sec TV spots or web promotions and stings), pitch and concept work for television shows, or presentation work for a multitude of purposes. I dont do any complex modelling or texturing myself, though can usually source these myself.

I use a few pieces of key software in day to day use, including 3D Studio Max, Maya, and After Effects, plus a few others to fill the gaps and some relevant plug-ins too.

I can do a lot of work from my own studio in Manchester, where I use all my own equipment and resources (aswell as sourcing extra hands if needed), and this covers most external projects. I also freelance inside many companies who have large pipelines, and have a lot of repeat work doing this too.

I have a studio in 47 Newton Street, Manchester, just by Piccadilly Gardens.

From enquiries about small projects up to large productions, I'd love to hear about your ideas. I have very competetive rates, so please don't hestitate to get in touch and lets have a chat about it :)